Mentoring alternative schools

Since 2015, we have been accompanying various schools throughout Czech Republic and visiting other alternative schools world wide. We specialize in harmonizing the atmosphere of the school, resolving conflicts and hidden misunderstandings. We have advised on establishing of tens of new alternative schools, we have guided the school founders to options how to structure their local educational system and assisted them to formulate their educational vision. We are able to help with setting up processes (e.g. dividing different responsibilities) and support smooth communication between parents and the school. For some world regions we are able to advise on recommended practices how to communicate with educational or other governmental authorities. We support building an active community among children and guiding adults / teachers. For teachers we bring concrete suggestions and inspiration on how to move further the taught subjects or topics.

What is our approach:

Systematic mentoring or supervision is, in our experience, more effective than a single visit. Therefore, we can visit you often throughout the year to see your experience on implementing steps that had been discussed earlier. Building an innovative school is a process that sometimes stands still for some time. At other times, it moves forward rapidly and it’s time to reflect on what’s going on. If the world region of the school is not yet known to us then we prefer to get into the context of the region, speak the local language or at least try to learning it which requires us to spend some time in the place.

In innovative schools, we follow especially the joy of learning, but also experiencing a sense of interpersonal closeness and solidarity. We will help you support the school parents so they take on an active role in school life and even find their own potential for school development. We explore situations that are challenging to handle at your school. Every problem has its solution, any failure can be viewed as an opportunity, every mistake leads to new insights and knowledge.

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