We have a working group of advisors with multi-professional background, strong analytical thinking, experience with governing processes, contact with everyday reality of schools and educational initiatives in several countries around the world, ability to quickly learn new languages and comprehending new cultures and who are in general able to adapt to chaotic and complex conditions with ease.  Thus, we can provide advisory services for governments and other third parties to help them navigate through complex social and legislative issues relating to design of their educational system. These advisory services may include formulating goals and proper steps and strategies to reach them, validating hypotheses in everyday reality, or identifying opposition and finding common ground with them.

We are competent to advise to various range of clients from both educational sector (such as education-related city or regional offices, ministry departments and NGOs) or noneducational (commerce, industry, technology or military) sectors to help them reflect on their ideas and formulate strategy for change that addresses their concerns while getting recognition and consent from other influential parties and movements.

We advise on these and similar questions:

– How should be policymaking oriented, so that the structure and function of educational system is adequate to the needs of 21th century for the region?
– What can the government do in educational sector so that the region has a more prosperous economy?
– If there is a desire to influence the society in certain way, what changes in educational system are those leading to the desired effect? How to shape them to minimize conflict of interests with other organizations or movements?

– How to negotiate with the governmental or other influential bodies efficiently?

– How to structure educational system in the region, so tensions in society gets relaxed while the current social order is preserved?

Pavel Kraemer

Pavel Kraemer

He obtained PhD in mathematics at Charles University. He taught at Waldorf alternative schools at home and several European countries. He regularly visits school across Europe and India. Pavel specializes in formulation of guiding principles which the school or a governmental body should apply so that education in the region meets the desired qualities.

Pavel posses an intrinsic interest about new languages and cultures and he is usually able to learn and use a new language within few weeks. Thus, he prefers to work in terrain of schooling to accumulate enough contextual experience before providing advice.

Julia Sokolovicova

Julia Sokolovicova

She graduated master’s studies in physics at Charles University. Later, she had become an independent consultant currently with over 15 years of experience. She specializes in stakeholder analysis and strategy building for system change, including in areas such as defense of democracy, energy, climate, elections and referenda, and crisis response.

She has lived, consulted clients, performed networking, field work and analysis of sociological data in South Korea, Taiwan, Brussels / EU, Warsaw, Bucharest, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Vienna and Berlin.

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