Our mission is to support initiatives aiming to introduce novel educational approaches or to improve those existing ones so that education is done in ways that are greatly fitting the current era and context of the region. We are well familiar with both the mainstream and most of the alternative approaches to pedagogy. Our personnel has experience from daily reality of schools across many countries and we regularly travel and visit schools in further world regions. Thus, we are able to provide consultations and services based on pedagogical and organizational best practices derived from many contexts with respect of unique conditions of client’s environment to which we hand-tailor of our services accordingly.

The international Institute is an umbrella organization that presents international services of its regional organizations. See our regional member organizations for full spectrum of projects and services that we do and what we can offer.

Governmental advisory services

We provide advisory services to various organizations and initiatives with interest to nurture educational system in certain aspects.

Founding alternative schools

We advise on establishing and running alternative or otherwise remarkable schools. We guide the school founders with respect to their pedagogical preferences and educational goals.

Promoting innovative education in industry, technology and crafts

We develop and experiment with approaches how to innovate education in technology sectors so there are more highly competent and creative technicians and technology inovators in the society.