Education for industry and technology

Most educators are distinctly humanistic; the world of industry is at best remote and incomprehensible to them. The Institute has therefore introduced its own section addressing the application and support of innovation in vocational teaching and education. The purpose of the section is to look for space for other approaches to vocational education that will lead to an increase in the technological competences of the population. We want to invent educational approaches or organization structures that develop a positive relationship of future professionals to their activities and reduce the demands on the need to manage and control the work of these professionals.

We have achieved a breakthrough in innovation of how software developers are educated and trained. Currently, we are able to train a person interested in software development from zero knowledge to junior software developer level in 200 hours of their involvement in the educational program (talented individuals are faster). This surpasses any conventional approach in education and becomes a disruptive innovation with follow-up technological and social consequences. Design of this program culminated from 9 years of experimentation and pioneering activities in this domain. We are open to share the gained know-how commercially.

Currently we are experimenting on introducing a similar method in the context of education for electronics and electrotechnology. Occasionally, we explore also other technological or industrial domains. We are open for discussions about opportunities in these areas.

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